Extratos de uma bíblia para ateus (I)

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Extratos de “The Good Book – A Secular Bible” de A. C. Grayling
(Uma bíblia para ateus)


Chapter 1

1. In the garden stands a tree. In springtime it bears flowers; in the autumn, fruit.
2. Its fruit is knowledge, teaching the good gardener how to understand the world.
3. From it he learns how the tree grows from seed to sapling, from sapling to maturity, at last ready to offer more life;
4. And from maturity to age and sleep, whence it returns to the elements of things.

Chapter 2

9. Fear holds dominion over people when they understand little, and need simple stories and legends to comfort and explain;
10. But legends and the ignorance that give them birth are a house of limitations and darkness.
14. Dare to know: that is the motto of enlightenment.

Chapter 4

10. Nothing comes from nothing; all things have their origins in nature’s laws, and by their edicts reach the shores of light.

Chapter 11

1. In all species, nature works to renew itself as it works to nourish itself, and to protect itself from danger,
2. Each by its kind and for its kind, in the great work of continuation that is evolutrion.
3. In humankind the work of renewal lies in the work of affection, the bond of one to another made by desire;
4. Among the objects that nature everywhere offers desire, there is little that makes peaple happier,
5. Than the enjoyment of another who thinks and feels as oneself,
6. Who has the same ideas, experiences the same sensations, the same ecstasies,
7. Who brings affectionate and sensitive arms towards one’s own,
8. Whose embraces and caresses are followed with the existence of a new being who resembles its progenitors,
9. And looks for them in the first movements of life to embrace them,
10. Who will be brought up by their side to be loved together, whose happy birth already strengthens the ties that bind its parents together.

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